Our Zeolite

[title size=“2″]ZeoTrade offers a world Class Zeolite[/title]

zeolite_02The Zeolites are a popular group of minerals for collectors and an important group of minerals for industrial and other purposes. They combine rarity, beauty, complexity and unique crystal habits. Typically forming in the cavities (or vesicles) of volcanic rocks, zeolites are the result of very low grade metamorphism.  We can offer  world class quality natural Zeolite with a high percentage of Clinoptilolite which does not require activation.

Characterized by its high surface charge density and high cation exchange capacity, Zeo Trades Zeolite unique ability to absorb and bind a broad range of materials makes it a simple and inexpensive solution to many problems spanning a variety of industries.


[title size=“3″]Mineral content[/title]

Zeolite Bestandteile SiO2 (%) Al2O3 (%) MnO (%) CaO(%) MgO(%) Na2O(%) K2O(%) Fe2O3 (%) FeO (%) TiO2 (%) P2O5 (%) G.Z.(%) G.Ž. (%)
1. Anteil 63,5 11,95 0,01 4,83 1,26 0,48 0,94 0,65 0,10 0,180 0,005 2,73 12,90
  • Clinoptilolite 91,8%
  • Quartz 3,3%
  • Feldspar 4,9%

Compound name and chemical formula:

  • á-Si O2, quartz low high HP, syn Si O2
  • Sodium tecto-alumotrisilicate Na ( Al Si3 O8 )
  • Sodium potassium calcium magnesium tecto-alumosilicate hydrate
    ( Na1.32 K1.28 Ca1.72 Mg0.52 ) ( Al6.77 Si29.23 O72 ) ( H2 O )26.84

Cation Exchange Capacity 2,51

[title size=“3″]Grain Sizes[/title]

We can produce any grain size according to your requirements.

Below there is a list of grain sizes in our standart production line:

0,7 – 1,6 mm

1,6 – 3 mm

3 – 5 mm

5 – 9 mm

9 – 16 mm

[title size=“3″]Packing Facilities[/title]

We offer a customised service for packaging and shrink-wrapped palletising adapted to all our customers‘ requirements. In our standart production, we use the following package types:

25 Kg PP/Craft white blank bags, 50 Kg PP/Craft white blank bags, 0,5 Ton Big Bags, 1 Ton Big Bags

[title size=“3″]Cost[/title]

Small Size:  220 Euro/ Ton

Big Size:     250 Euro Ton

Minimum Amount :  20 Tonnes

[title size=“3″]Transportation[/title]

Port Hamburg  2000 Euro / Container  ( 10 Days)
Port New York 2600 Euro / Container  (3 Weeks)