Market Outlook

As previously stated, coal-fi red electricity is a major source of power generation around the world—especially in North America, India and China. Globally, power plants alone emit 63% of industrial emissions. Not only are the treaties of Kyoto and upcoming Copenhagen important in trying to fi nd global frameworks for industrial and GHG emissions, but nationally many countries must implement very soon their own internal guidelines for emission restriction.

The US’ Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is now embarking, along with state legislatures, upon more stringent emission guidelines which must be adhered to within the next 2-5 years, depending upon each individual state. Along with all the aforelisted zeolite applications, the ZEOX relevant applications which are to be affected by the introduction of the more onerous EPA guidelines include :

■ Mercury Removal from Coal Flue Gas This alone is estimated to be a $500 million per year market ; The Mercury Removal market may be even bigger than the water treatment market

Likewise, market research studies show that Activated Carbon demand is set to grow 5% per year up through 2012. Which logically implies that zeolite demand will grow at least equally to AC. Main areas are water treatment, power plant fl ue gas and auto emissions. > Specifi c zeolites currently show great promise in being able to remove mercury in coal fi re plants.

■ Cement Usage Zeolite has a distinct advantage over Powder Activated Carbon as it is neutral on fl y-ash ; States must ensure mercury removal by 2010 A percentage of fl y ash from US power plants is to be used for cement substitutes in concrete ; This is a by-product credit for power plants and can be cash-flow positive