Specialists in the marketing and supply of Zeolite

Zeo Trade & Development Ltd.  is a UK and Germany based provider of industrial mineral solutions, shipping and logistics, marketing and sales partnerships.  Zeo Trade  believes in building up a transparent, long-term relationships with both producers and consumers, acting as a bridge between these two.

Zeo Trade has world-wide connections in the global Zeolite industry, built upon a reputation for trust and integrity.  Zeo Trade is launching new  Zeolithe products  as a distribution partner from  Earth Innovations Inc. in  the german retail market and will build up the marketing-strategy and the sale-network.  Zeo Trade has also signed an exclusively agreement with a world-class Zeolithe-producer from Kosovo to organize world wide sales.

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Zeo Trade & Development Ltd. erhält mit www.megafanstore.com ersten Auftrag für den neuen Bereich E-Commerce Consulting


Zeo Trade & Development Ltd.
Berlin, London, 07. September 2016

Zeo Trade & Development Ltd.: Erweiterung des Geschäftsmodels – E-Commerce als neuen Geschäftsbereich


Zeo Trade & Development Ltd.
Berlin, London, 16 . August 2016

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